Dec 14, 2020

Monday December 14th ~

 A new day.  Be open enough to see opportunities. Be wise
 enough to be grateful.  Be courageous enough to be happy...

Here at home the sun is has risen already.  I woke up
 early to catch a glimpse of it.  It struggled a bit
 to get out of the clouds.  Eventually it did.

At Mala's there was a whole different kind of feeling.
  She was blanketed with snow.  Just in time for Christmas. 
 Yes, lucky them it might still be a white Christmas.

I also received a few pictures from Branson. 
 Almost Home is all the tenants were having a snow day
 yesterday.  I can actually picture my first snow in Branson.  
Was beautiful and unforgettable.  Yesterday's snow.

Here at home the grass is green, the skies are blue
 and kitties are being fed.  This one below, whom I call 
pooper was just fed.  He had shrimp and more shrimp.  

As the new week begins we all hope that with 
the approval of the Covid vaccine things begin to
 get better and better.  Yes, it will take some time, 
but one can always hope and be positive 🙏.

Monday already here.  Open doors
 and embrace new opportunities.

Opportunities are like sunrises.  
If you wait too long you miss them...