May 22, 2020

Friday May 22nd ~

Some people feel the rain, others just get wet...

It's been raining everyday for the last week and 
a half.  I like rain ☔, but now it's about time it stopped 
a little.  The duckies have been doing really good. 
 There are water puddles everywhere you go.

We try to get our walks in, but some days like yesterday, it was 
just not possible.  It never stopped raining.  Other days we have
☂️ been lucky because it stopped raining by the time we went 
walking, even though at times we were caught in a little drizzle.

Rain or no rain the days are beautiful but very humid.  
Looking forward to the day the gym in our building
 would reopen.  Not a fan of humidity at all.

Even though we have reopened, the roads are
still very quiet.  So far restaurants are not getting
the business they expected, but the weekend
is coming, and that might change🤷🤷.  

As we walked past the Downtowner Saloon, there
 were less people around compared to when everything
was closed.  Many are being very cautious.  Just like us.
 Hoping that soon we will be enjoying Fridays here again

Yesterday was takeout day.  I am hoping we can soon 
go to an actual restaurant and have lunch there.  Working 
on Arvid so who knows.  maybe Sunday?  Something
 simple, and of course outdoor seating.  It can happen.

Already thinking about the weekend.  What will we
do differently?  Not much, but somehow it seems like
 weekends we make plans for things we want to do.
Who am I kidding we make plans everyday.

Fort Lauderdale is CONSIDERING reopening its
beaches, but not for the long weekend.  The Memorial Day
Weekend is definitely not going to be a beach one for the
greater Fort Lauderdale.  Not many happy faces around 🏖

Wishing everyone a fabulous Friday.  Things are
slowly taking shape and slowly but surely, little by little
 life will soon begin to feel "normal" again.  For some,
like us it may take a little longer.  Thank you Arvid 🙄

May your weekend be filled with positive
 thoughts,  kind people and  happy moments...