May 10, 2020

Sunday May 10th ~

There’s no limit to what you can learn with an open mind...

Here in Fort Lauderdale reopening is taking a little longer than 
the rest of Florida 😯, but it's soon coming, and we are ready.

The parks are still empty, and those who are following
 the social distancing guidelines find themselves all alone
 at times.  We don't mind, we like it.  At least for now.
  Safer for all concerned, especially for Arvid 😄

As I mentioned a few times before, Arvid jumps into on
 coming traffic just to keep the 6 feet distance between people.
  Lucky for him, right now the traffic is almost non-existent.  

Today is Mothers Day.  Wishing my mom, my 4 sisters,
 Anna and all the mothers a very happy day.  Below,
mom and I through the years. Like mom, no one.

 Below my sister Nina and her 2 kids.  Our niece and
nephew Max and Danielle and of course Texie.

Next is Nirvana with J and Kimsy.

Then comes Nirmala, Reshma and Sachin.

A last, but not least is my "baby"
sister Rima and her children.  Gabsy, Riley
and Lilly Vade with the doggies.

Being a mother is the hardest "job"  I have heard it
 said many a times.  I also know from my mom and my
 sisters that at times it is also the most rewarding.

My friend Anna in California deserves a special mention
on this day also.  She is a selfless mom and friend.

Rainy day here in Fort Lauderdale.  Happy for that.
 The duckies get to live and play another day,

Happy day all.  Notice all the people 
who make an effort to stay in your life.

Life only comes around once, so do what makes
 you happy and be with people who make you smile...