May 18, 2020

Monday May 18th ~ REOPENING TODAY!

Today is not just another day.  It's a new opportunity,
 another chance.  A new beginning.  Embrace it...

We are open and ready for business.  That 
is South Florida, Fort Lauderdale and Miami, 
the last 2 counties that were left to reopen. 

Happy, happy, but as of right now Arvid and I won't 
be doing anything any differently.  We will still self isolate 
at home 😒 Arvid say, "it's just being cautious."😕

I am ready to go places, explore again, but I know
 it's not happening anytime right now.  Waiting 
until Arvid feels more comfortable with it.

Monday.  I am so ready to see what happens next.

I am so happy and grateful for all the
 amazing opportunities coming my way...