May 27, 2020

Wednesday May 27th ~

I like rainy days, it reminds me that
 sometimes the world has sad days too...

As of right now the rain stopped for a little. 
 Rain or no rain we are still fortunate to see
 boats passing by. Keeps us busy ⛵

Yesterdays sunset was stunning.  The rain also cleared 
up for a little allowing the sun to peek out before setting. 

 After an hour or so the rain came calling again. 
 Sniff was back and forth hiding.  We also had 
thunder, lightning and some very harsh winds.

Not much happening.  We have not been able to 
go for our walks.  Too much rain.  Gym in our 
condo still not open.  It's no fun right now.

Today is looking a little better, rain is predicted in the
afternoon, hoping it will  not rain because it's been a while
now with no walking.  Never know what can happen.

 Looking at the skies right now, I an sure the rain
will not come.  We said the same  the last few days also 🤷

Hello Wednesday.  Please do not bring us more rain.

Even on a rainy day you can be someones 
sunshine.  Attitude is everything...