May 20, 2020

Wednesday May 20th ~

Change is the only constant in your life...

The last time I saw my doctor was last year, and
 because of the different medications I take, I need
 to Facetime with her before I can get refills.  So today 
is the day. My first Facetime doctors "visit" ever.

Little by little "normal" is coming back.

Here in South Florida everything was shutdown.
 Malls opening again is exciting.  I don't plan on
 going there right now, but you never know.

Wednesday is looking good.  We still have the boats all day
long, we still sit out on the balcony for hours, watch lots
 of TV, but I can feel something exciting is happening.

Just hope people follow the set guidelines so we
do not get shut down again.  Next would be to convince
Arvid to go to a restaurant.  Outdoor seating.  Feels like
it's about time again for us to get back into the rhythm.

We have been having a LOT of rain lately.  One day
last week it rained constantly for almost 24 hours.  Very
rare, but it happens occasionally.  Walks have been not
 that consistent, but now that the malls are open we may
 walk there instead.  Rain continues most of the week ☔
They sky is crying, and it's dark most of the day. Even so,
☀️ yesterday we had another spectacular sunset ­čśŹ.

Life is beautiful.  You have to be thankful that we
 are living. Wherever you look there is beauty.  I know 
about the bad things, but I look for the good things...