May 4, 2020

Monday May 4th ~

Beautiful thoughts build a beautiful soul...

Yesterday was takeout day and cruising around time.
  The little things we look forward to these days, and yes
 it made us very happy.  At the same time, I can't wait to 
go to a restaurant, sit down and actually order a meal
 and eat it there.  The things we took for granted 😮

As we were sitting watching the boats pass by, what
 should pass but Michelle.  Michelle is the name of Arvid's
 youngest daughter.  The mother of our 2 grand-daughters.

Yesterday's flashback took me back to my high school
 graduation. That year our class took a cruise, and one of the
 stops was Curacao.  Beautiful place and friendly people. 

A new week begins.  We are getting closer and closer 
to the day when life will have a little semblance of 
"normal" again.  In the meantime we still practice 
social distancing and we are staying home.

Arvid and Sniff continue to watch more TV than
 I ever can.  Well Arvid does, Sniff just likes to sleep
 between Arvid's legs.  Two happy boys at home.

Be kind.  Work hard.  Stay humble.  Smile often.  
Keep honest.  Stay loyal.  Travel when possible.  Never
stop learning.  Be thankful always, and love...