May 14, 2020

Thursday May 14th ~ Closer To Reopening

Different times requite different thinking...

A positive sign that we will soon be getting back
 to a semblance of what was "normal" is the sighting 
of the water trolley back on the New River.  

It's right now training new captains, which means
 we will soon be seeing it (water trolley) taking people
 around.  I am hoping Arvid and I will be taking
rides soon πŸ˜… Better times are coming again.

The party boats are up and running already.  Not all
 are following the social distancing guidelines, but I am 
not going to report them.  Arvid is another matter 🀫

On one of our walks the other day, a mango dropped
 from one of the many trees we pass.  Who picked it up,
 brought it home and ate it?  That would be me.  This 
is the second mango I have found on our walks.  It was 
better than a store bought mango.  I'm so very happy.

We keep letting Sniff out on the balcony for short periods.  
He likes it, but is extremely cautious, and as I mentioned,
 as soon as the wind blows he runs right back in.

Highlights of our day also include deliveries.
  The other day it was Arvid who was smiling. 
Yes under the mask he's all smiles πŸ™‚πŸ˜

Last night the news again said that Fort Lauderdale
is finally going to start reopening.  Las Olas restaurants
were high on the list and we couldn't be happier.

Good morning everyone.  And once again
the week is flying by.  Yesterdays sunset below.

We still have the same opportunity for happiness
 that did before we are just encouraged to
 look in different places to find it...