May 6, 2020

Wednesday ~What's New

Life is a series of baby steps.  Those who 
don't believe in magic will never find it...

Then there is the side that's not so pretty.  All over
 the world, the environment, the oceans the air just about
all of nature is blooming, becoming more beautiful, cleaner
 and healthier.  This virus has kept people away, making
 it difficult to pollute our planet.  At least for now.

Before and after photos taken from the Internet shows how
 stay-at-home orders helped Los Angeles, California significantly
 reduce its notorious smog.  The improvement is attributed to
 fewer planes flying and fewer cars on the road.  Same in all
 parts of the world where COVID-19 has shown up.

As Arvid and I do our daily walks we see another
 side of the pandemic, or maybe it's just the way people
 are all the time.  In one word, they are PIGS.

Seems like people find it much easier to dump trash
 on the roadside, in the waterways rather than a trash bin,
which usually is not far away from where they litter.

There is trash littering everywhere.  We see it in
the Waterways and on land.  We even see trash hanging
 on fences and on trees. If we don't take care
 of our environment then who will?

Wednesday already here.  The week is going by fast.
 Even though we spend most of the day at home, somehow
 we are buys and I am not sure exactly with what.

No one is you and that is your super power.  If everything was
 perfect, you would never learn and you would never grow...