May 3, 2020

Sunday May 3rd ~

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within...

I always  start the day with positive vibes, and now 
even more so because we are all patiently awaiting
for better days to come.  The sooner the better. 
 And it is right around the corner from us.

Arvid and I are in South Florida, Broward County, 
Fort Lauderdale.  The openings here are a little slower
 than the rest of Florida.  We happen to have more of the
 COVID 19 cases.  Together with Miami, which has the most 
cases and Palm Beach County, but opening we are.  Soon.

As Sunday begins the first Arvid and I both have the same
 question: "What shall we have for take out today?"  Not simple 
because Arvid will only do take outs from certain places,
 whereas I, well I would do some more venturing out.

On Friday we had a little job.  We received a car
 for a customer.  Got us out of the house and we did 
something productive.  Arvid got to drive an 
older car.  He was happy, I was happy.

Relaxing right now.  We do it quite a lot now. 
Looking forward to a few/many non relaxing days to come.
 I know they are come.  For all of us, so for now let's make
 the most of these "relaxing" days we are having.

Beautiful thoughts build a beautiful soul. There is always
 something beautiful to be experienced wherever you are...