May 16, 2020

Saturday May 16th ~ Roadtrip ❓

Stop worrying about the potholes
 in the road and enjoy the journey...

On the road again if only for a longer than usual 
drive.  We decided to check out a few places within
 a short driving distance from us.  Happy day

Who knows maybe when all of this is over it 
will become our new place to weekend.  Both Arvid 
and I do not want to spend that much time in an 
airplane anymore, looks like Puerto Rico will 
soon not be part of our lives, for now at least.

We do know that there are times when we have 
to travel in order to see family.  Both Arvid's and
mine. Norway, California and Vermont. 

When we do fun stuff we plan to drive mostly if possible.
  At least that's our way of thinking right now.  This of 
course will also change I am sure as life begins 
to get back to "normal" everywhere 🚗

For now a simple drive makes us excited and very happy. 
 We are definitely living the high life and absolutely 
loving every moment of it, why not, life is good
 and it's up to us to make our own happiness.

Always end the day with a positive thought. 
 No matter how hard things were, tomorrows 
a fresh opportunity to make it better...