May 5, 2020

Tuesday May 5th ~

I say looking on the bright side of life never killed anybody...

I decided to buy us a board game.  My choice was Monopoly.  
As a child I have very good memories playing with family and 
friends.  As I got older, Monopoly has remained a favorite. 
 So the other day Amazon Prime delivered and we began.

We all play and hope we will win, but we also
 play because it's a fun way to pass the time. 
 I don't like losing, neither does Arvid.  

Truth is no one does, but in a game one has to win 
and the other has to lose.  Unfortunately for Arvid, I 
have been on a winning streak.  Not a happy man 
right now, but the game is very far from over.

Sniff of course is a big part of the game.  He walked 
all over it. He sniffed everything and at some point Sniff
 decided he just wanted to sit in the middle of it all. 

 Arvid is a lot more patient than he used to be.
  At least he is with Sniff, thank you Brutus for that.
  You made your dada a much better person.

Today I came across the picture posted above.  It
 brought back so many memories.  A new chapter in life
 was just starting for me, and before I knew what was
 happening it was ripped away.  Arvid is my second chance
 in life and it is beautiful. Thankful and grateful always.

Cinco de Mayo today.  Not exactly the way many
 are used to celebratingthis day.  No parties, no big gatherings.
 COVID-19 has changed it all.  Life is very different
from what it was a few months ago.

If you feel happy, Smile with all your heart.
 if you're down, smile with all your might...