May 28, 2020

Thursday May 28th ~

You were born to win...

The waterways keep us entertained and makes for
 the passing of each day much more pleasurable.

We saw these these two girls and one boy trying 
to paddle board.  The girls just aced the paddle
 boarding while the boy struggled 🚤 a lot.

And then we have the boy.  He gave it his best shot.

After seeing the boy struggle for some time,
 the girl decided to jump in and give him a hand.  
All's well that ends well.  Happy day for all.

Life is not always a matter of who wins or not.  It's all
about having a good time and enjoying the process, on the
other hand I love to win while still having a good time 😚

If you can be positive in a negative situation you win.
Winning is not everything but the effort to win is...