May 12, 2020

Tuesday May 12th~

Because of you, I laugh a little harder,
 cry a little less, and smile a lot more...

Arvid has bought himself a little stereo.  Happy as
can be, and since we got it he has been blasting away
the music in his office.  We are all enjoying it.

He's even gotten into listening to a virtual concert/documentary
 on one of his favorite bands, CCR.  He's a happy man.

Sniff has been having more outdoor times, but it's been
 a bit on the windy side so he keeps running back inside.  

Sniff is super cautious.  Just getting his feet out
takes a long time, and once he's out he keeps making sure
the doors are open in case he needs to run back in.

Canada 1980.  Memories.  Our grandmother was still alive.
She's missed by so many.  She brought goodness into our lives.

Because every picture tells a story...