May 2, 2020

Saturday May 2nd ~ Wishful Thinking

Life is all about balance.  You don't always need
 to be getting stuff done.  Sometimes it's perfectly okay, 
and absolutely necessary, to shut down, 
and kick back, and do nothing...

Pretending we are back in Puerto Rico sipping
 Pina Coladas.  Both Arvid and I right now yearn to be
 there and to enjoy the island once again.  Who knows 
when we will next be able to go?  Hoping soon, 
but I know neither of us wishes to get on a plane 
right now.  Too bad we can't drive there.

Right now all I feel like doing is going somewhere.
 Going away felt so good, but truth be told we
always looked forward to being back home.

Years back, Arvid and I lived in Eleuthera, Bahamas.
What a beautiful island.  Loved it and occasionally we
 think of the Lil' Red House we had there.

It's always nice to look back.  We have had some
wonderful times, and been to some beautiful
places, and we are not done doing that as yet.
It's just on hold because of this darn virus.

Because of this Covid-19 pandemic everything that
we can't do right now is looking better and better.

Eleuthera, Bahamas.  It was also home to Brutus.

To all a beautiful day.  Here it boat after boat
passing by.  yes, a few restrictions have been lifted
and the waterways are once again busy.

Hello Saturday.  What's in store for us all today? 
Whatever it is, make it amazing and spectacular.

I don't think of all the misery
 but of the beauty that still remains...