May 24, 2020

Sunday May 24th ~

The world is on a bumpy journey.  
Maybe it's time to find a new normal...

Life is returning to "normal" a new normal that is.
  As Arvid and I went driving yesterday, we checked
 out some restaurants.  We wanted to see what it.

Life is returning to Fort Lauderdale. 
 People were out, people were laughing.  People 
were having fun.  Sooner or later it had to happen. 
 One cannot stay cooped up forever.

Restaurants are officially open, and I would 
love to go, but for now I think we will continue to
 wait it out a bit longer.  Mr. Cautious thinks it's the
 best thing to do. I will agree with him for now.

The beaches are quiet, and it's being guarded by
Fort Lauderdale's best.  Come Tuesday, the beaches
will be reopening and gone will be the quiet times.

It was good to see restaurants with people again.
  Life is surely returning.  Normal is no longer normal,
but whatever the new normal is, it's starting to look good
already.  Hope soon Arvid and I will be sitting out having
 a meal and enjoying this "new" experience again 😋🍹.

Good morning everyone.  The day is currently
 a little on the dark gloomy side.  It is raining again,
but hopefully it should clear up later on. 

Happy Sunday all and this is going to be another
great week ahead.  Life is returning to South Florida.

The new normal is to always
 be better than your old normal...