May 9, 2020

Saturday May 9th ~

Remember to say thank you for being alive, remember 
to tell people you love them while they’re still alive...

Sniff continues to have short outings with us
 on the balcony.  He is still super cautious, and so
 are we.  He is monitored all the time by us 💛.  

Can't have him jumping out and falling over. 
 Sniff seems to like being out, and we are taking him
 out without his leash.  Not sure if it's the best way
 to go or not.  Maybe today will give him the leash.
Sniff feels safest when he's touching Arvid 💙.

Yesterdays sunset was spectacular.  I was not sure
 if I was watching the sun set or the moon.  Very different
 from the sunsets I have seen.  I did manage to get some
 pretty good pictures.  The colors are amazing 😋.

I am very happy with my moon pictures of yesterday.
Saturday.  Hopefully a drive somewhere, another chance 
to get more pictures, and to enjoy this beautiful day.  
One more day closer to Florida reopening 😍. 

 Good morning everyone, let's remember better days 
will soon be here.  Looking so forward to that 😀

Take life day by day and be grateful for the 
little things. Don’t get caught up in what you
 can’t control. Focus on the positive...