May 16, 2020

Scenic Road Trip ~ Florida's West Coast

I say looking on the bright side of life never killed anybody...

The beaches went on forever.  Wide long beaches
 and perfect powdery white sand.  An to think
 I used to have a house in Fort Myers.

Fort Myers Beach just beautiful, and maybe the fact 
that is was not crowded made it seem even more perfect.

Arvid and I are looking for weekend getaways in Florida,
 and we went to check out a few places on the West Coast. 
 My one criteria is that it has to be on the beach. 🌴

We saw a few places, made inquiries
 and we are looking forward to a future visit.

The beaches were open and families were basking in the sunshine.

As for Arvid and I we enjoyed a walk on the beach.  The sand is so soft.

We even took our lunch for a little picnic. We were 
not sure as yet what would have been opened
 or not, but life in Fort Myers is looking good.  

Restaurants were open and bars also.  As long as 
the people were sitting outside and keeping a distance.

The restaurant above was getting ready for
 happy hour and they also had live music.

Arvid and I found the perfect spot in the shade
to have our lunch.  Boats were passing by and people
 were swimming in the crystal clear water.

Arvid and I were planning on spending a couple of
nights in Fort Myers, but after talking about it we decided
 to wait a little longer.  Coming back home we were so
happy.  It just felt right.  Home is always best.  Good
thing we came back.  We just had a tropical storm. 

We have had rain all day yesterday, and according
 to the weather forecast, it should rain everyday next week 😞
 Hopefully that will change, but does not look that way.

After the storm the skies lit up beautifully. During the
 storm Sniff was calm.  Chewed on my reading glasses.

Today we had a beautiful drive along the West Coast
of Florida.  Looking forward to doing it again.

You change the world by being yourself...