May 11, 2020

May 11th ~Life Today

What comes easy won’t last long, 
and what lasts long won’t come easy...

Our days are going by so fast.  Not even
 sure how this is happening, but it is 😉🌝.

I spend a lot of my time taking pictures.

Wherever we go, my camera goes with me.

It makes me happy and it makes for happier days.

During these times, not much else going on anyways.

I love scenic pictures, I love all pictures .

Arvid of course is one of my favorites
to photograph, that is when he allows it 😒.

Our walks takes us mostly along the River.  Always pretty.

Squirrels are always fun to watch and take pictures.
 Some pictures I zoom in from our balcony.

Canoeing has become a favorite sport during these times.

My favorite subject of course is Sniff.  He also can be moody.

I never thought the day would come when I would "see"
 so many people starving. It's happening here, it's happening
everywhere, and unfortunately it happens more than we know
all over the world, but to see people here in Fort Lauderdale
and Miami making lines for food, going hungry, unable
to feed their families, that I never thought I would see.

Monday again.  Another week begins.  Another
week closer to Florida-Fort Lauderdale reopening.
Good things always coming our way.

Soon it's balcony time.  The boats are already in full swing.

Life is a journey. When we stop, things don't go right...