May 26, 2020

Tuesday May 26th ~Here Comes The Rain Again

It's a new normal and I really do think that global
 weirding is the best way to describe what we're seeing...

And just like that the beaches reopened.  
There are a lot of happy beachgoers today.  This
 is probably the best reopening in a long time. 
 Happy days are back, and no Arvid and
 I will not be going to the beach.

We live surrounded by beaches, and yet we rarely
 ever go.  We go to a beach only when on vacation.
  Our last time on a beach was in Puerto Rico.

I do love the beach and I would love to go there
more often.  Who knows maybe I will just decide to
 do it on my own.  I like long walks on the beach.

Here at home we are just taking it easy.
We are still in self imposed isolation.  I asked Arvid
if he would be comfortable seeing or being around
other people right now and he said "no"

I asked him if he would be comfortable by July and
he said not really.  Right now it's weird.  Everything is open,
yet we are still in isolation.  How long will we continue
 to be this way?  I'm not sure, but I miss my family.

As of now, Norway's summer trip is on hold.
Arvid is not comfortable with travelling, but who knows
 what tomorrow holds.  Everything is changing daily.
 What was the "way" yesterday, no longer is today.

Plus anywhere you go out of the US one has to be
 self isolated for at least 10 days, and when it's allowed
 for foreigners to come back in the US, they will also have
to be isolated for 2 weeks. That is unless the guidelines
 change. This is not easy times if one wants to travel😞,
but guidelines are constantly changing each day

The rain continues.  Last night we had tornado warnings.
The streets are flooded.  This is the start of the rainy
 season in Florida.  Everywhere it is wet and humid.

It's a new day, fresh start, fresh energy, new 
opportunities. Get your mind right, be thankful,
😊🥰 be positive and start your day right...